• Reasonable monthly retainer


  1. Multiple pitches tailored for targeted:

    1. Broadcast
    2. Radio
    3. Print – national, local, hometowns
    4. Trades
    5. Organizations
    6. Online sites or bloggers
  2. Open to working alongside other hired publicists who are in-house or on-site. Will do follow-up on their lists and build out new contacts.
  3. Client requests

* Expenses include snail-mailings, monitoring services, website updates, etc.

Graff Media Inc

GRAFF MEDIA INC is a public relations consultancy engaged in media relations for individual and small firms:

Twelve years experience working with some of the world’s most well-known brands and influential corporate public relations firms. Quick, detail-oriented team player possesses strong writing skills, and creativity. Tenacious personal outreach and tailored strategies produce effective results in securing media.

Published author and public speaker with professional theater background shapes out-of the box thinking within a corporate structure. Freelance and contract situations.

In 2004 my first novel, You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs, was published. Up to that point I was a professional actor. Envisioning book and radio tours, talk shows, magazine interviews with full-page ads, I was pretty excited when my editor took me to lunch. So I was stunned when she assured me the publishing house would do nothing. “Nothing,” she stated. “Any publicity you want will be up to you.” As I had recently begun freelancing in PR I took the bull by the horn.

Having freelanced in major consumer and lifestyle public relations working with well known international brands like Gillette, American Family Publishers, Hewlett-Packard, WonderBra, M&Ms, Dannon, Volvo I was in-the-trenches pitching print, broadcast, radio, and working on major celebrity product launch events.

You Have To Kiss A Lot of Frogs did very well, selling just under 150,000 copies, receiving a second printing in mass market; it was published in Australia, Italy, and Holland, translated into Italian and Dutch, and optioned for TV/film. The sequel, Looking for Mr. Goodfrog, sold approximately 25,000, and I arranged (and recorded) the audio book with Both books have just been re-purchased by Italy for another release. Currently, I’m working hard on the paperback release of my third novel, The Shiksa Syndrome, Broadway Books - Random House; RAMY Cosmetics agreed to create a pink ShiksaGoddes! lipstick to match the storyline I wrote into the book.

The many placements I’ve made for myself include Shape, Fit, Family Circle, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Woman’s World, CNN radio, FNC Fox & Friends, BETTER TV, JLTV, 92StYTribeca, and NYT Best Read in the Park. In the year I worked in non-fiction book PR, I had authors on Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, NY Post, KCAL-TV Los Angeles, WOR radio, and Jewish Press.

Both an author and a publicist, I know we all want PR that leads to sales. PR, like life, does not come with guarantees. But what I can guarantee is a flexible rate that beats the competition, tailored to the author’s needs. You can do your own social networking, but you still need a publicist who will get on the phone and talk, not “Tweet” about you and your book, as if it were her own.


Employment Overview:

  • – Public and Media Relations: Write press, pitch letters, blurbs, releases, speaker proposals, award entries, survey questions for online marketplace for $100k+ jobs. In-the-trenches pitching secure broadcast, print, radio, and online media placements, i.e. FOX & Friends, Wall Street Journal, Money for Breakfast, Crain’s NY.

  • PORTER NOVELLI – Account Exec: Strategic campaign work with clients HP, Gillette, Dannon, Oral-B, Benadryl, and Braun. Producing on all facets of major product launch of Gillette’s Passion Pink Venus “Legs of a Goddess Contest,” culminating in Oprah booking.

  • CORPORATE CONSUMER PR - Media Specialist: Freelancer at major pr firms that include Cairns & Ass., Marina Mahr, Revlon, Brouillared Comm, and WinStar, for clients like Wonderbra, Macanudo, Volvo, M&M’s. Booked three radio tours working with Ed McMahon and American Family Publishers at Cairns.

  • PR With A Purpose – Publicist for Non-Fiction Books: Issue-oriented public relations promoting non-fiction books and authors with bookings on Howard Stern and Joan Rivers.

  • Graff Media Inc - Private client Jay Ramras, a Jewish restaurant entrepreneur from Fairbanks, Alaska, in New York City searching for a Jewish bride to bring home, turned in 16 weeks of weekly installments in NY Magazine’s Gotham section. Huge pick-up resulted in major broadcast, magazine, and print opportunities.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre - Binghamton University